Agreement for Panama to be the capital of the Video Game Industry

City of Knowledge and the Mayor of Panama sealed an agreement to help the city of Panama become the capital of the Video Game Industry, through the signing of the Panama E-sport Hub Agreement.

This agreement seeks to turn the city of Panama into a technological city where the largest technology, ecommerce, videogames, artificial intelligence and robotics corporations are established, so that the youth of Panama and Latin America can access the jobs of the future.

The Latin American Pro Gamers League (LAPGL) Platform, Startup of the City of Knowledge Investment program, has been designated as an e-sport Hub tool. This platform allows video players from across the region to compete in exciting video game tournaments from the comfort of their home, through the impulse of the LAPGL (Regional eSport League).

Currently the e-sports industry is valued at 2.2 billion dollars. With this alliance and the support of the private sector we seek to:


. Position Panama as a modern city through initiatives of interest to today’s youth.
· Create a regional tournament where the final is held in Panama.
· Generate digital masses at the regional level recognizing the city of Panama as a leader in the sector.
· Inject capital from regional companies in the sector.
· Promote the regional advancement of a national entrepreneurship, thus stimulating the entrepreneurial and innovative culture in the country.

The agreement was signed by José Luis Fábrega, Mayor of the city of Panamá, and Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation.

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