About the Making of the City


In our mission to find spaces to value our campus through clients and entrepreneurs, while we can strengthen our managerial capacities to bring that conversation to a larger audience, the Making of the City is born.

In its open to the public version, which happens every Tuesday, it aims to publicize what the City of Knowledge does through questions and answers through a confident, fluid and innovative conversation.

“The City has incorporated new initiatives to strengthen its organization, improve the operating environment of its clients and expand its impact on the society for which it works,” explains Dr. Guillermo Castro, Executive Advisor to the City of Knowledge Foundation. “The Making of the City is an initiative generated by our Business team and our Innovation Center that consists of a program to make our clients’ activities visible. This is a virtual forum, open to the general public, that allows the client to publicize his offer of goods and services, allows the public to dialogue with them and makes it easier for other related entities to explore new possibilities of association and entrepreneurship”.

For Dr. Castro “although these meeting spaces were born in the circumstance created by the pandemic, they are not destined to be exhausted by it. On the contrary, the City understands that these spaces must be preserved and expanded, because they are part of what it can contribute to the creation of a normality that is new for how innovative it may be.”

With this initiative we not only reinforce our mission as a Foundation, but we are creating a sense of appropriation that transmits the pride of knowing the CdS from the inside and seeing how it is recognized on the outside.

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