FCdS and CTDA hold exchange meeting


The City of Knowledge Foundation (FCdS) and the Technical Commission for Academic Development (CTDA), had a meeting in which both institutions presented their objectives, their mission and reaffirmed their common commitment to continue in the constant search for innovation and improvements in the quality of the training of professionals for the progress of Panama.

The CTDA is an organism chaired by the University of Panama that, in coordination with the rest of the official universities, supervises and follows on the correct academic development of the programs offered by the 37 private universities in the country.

In the photo together with Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the FCdS, is Vasco de León (UP), Ana Álvarez (CTDA), Eric Santamaría Vallejos (CTDA), Gilberto Solís González (CTDA), Haydée (Meduca), Yariela González Ortega (CTDA), Virgilio Sousa Valdés (Meduca), David Aguilar (FCdS) and Mariana Núñez (FCdS).

CdS supports the premiere of the dance show “2mil20”

Culture and Community

The City of Knowledge Athenaeum will be the stage so that the Red de Arte Libre, thanks to the Iberescena fund, premieres the dance play “2mil20”, by Wa·táa Espectáculos Escénicos.

A show that will celebrate life and the cycles it contains, addressing dance from saturation and repetition, proposing an idea of RE-evolution, of RE-beginning.

“2mil20” will be contextualized and will start from the physical exploration of a “Congo body”, a body that will evoke the multiple Panamanian identities and their memories, as part of a common history and experiences lived by the construction of the Panama Canal.

“2mil20” will premiere at the City of Knowledge Athenaeum, between April 3 and 4, 2020. The project seeks above all to be able to bring more people to art and achieve the democratization of access to contemporary dance. With this objective, students and public from the communities have been invited to watch the show for free. In addition, there will be workshop cycles by the participating artists.

The show is done with the support of the City of Knowledge Foundation, National Bank of Panama, Office of the First Lady, PanDeportes, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture. Tickets will be sold only at the box office but can be booked at tickets2mil20@gmail.com.

So long, Terry

Culture and Community

On February 15, the cultural manager Terrence “Terry” Ford died in the city of Panama. For more than three decades Terry Ford organized the youth music camps of the National Concert Association (ANC) – several of those at the City of Knowledge -, leaving an indelible mark on any young musician who had classical music as its passion. A passion that Ford shared until the day he died. He was 87 years old.

Terry founded the initiative in 1986 as director of the cultural collective until the end of 2019. Recently, Ford had transferred the direction of the ANC to a new generation, but was closely linked to the organization and summer camps. Camps that formed young people who are now recognized musicians, some part of the National Symphony Orchestra and others based abroad.

Today we are extremely sad but at the same time grateful to have shared and fostered the passion for classical music that Mr. Ford felt. And for having provided a space for him to carry out his dream of turning into artists those young people who, with the illusion of succeeding in the world of music, found in Terry a mentor and a guide who lived with enthusiasm the great work that he did for our country.

We will always remember with great love and affection the great Terry Ford.

CdS signs a MOU with the Urban Innovation Conservatory


Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation, and KC Hardin, CEO of the Urban Innovation Conservatory, signed a memorandum of understanding for the transfer of knowledge and collaboration in various areas of both entities.

With the signing of the memorandum, CdS and Conservatory undertake to develop a work plan for the transfer of knowledge of several exemplary programs led by each institution. In principle, support from FCdS in the Santa Ana integral waste management program, Conservatory training in the LiderazCo methodology to facilitate work with our community, development of entrepreneurial skills through the Canal de Empresarias program for entrepreneurs in Santa Ana and the promotion of System B and its impact measurement tool for companies.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

R + D + i

As part of the commemorative activities for the celebration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the City of Knowledge Foundation organized together with the Science movement in Panama, SENACYT and the United States Embassy, the Third Women and Girls in Science Forum.

The Forum began with a special greeting sent by Ericka Podest, a Panamanian scientist working at NASA, who mentioned that “science broadens the vision of the why things are the way they are. From here I study the impacts of climate change on different terrestrial ecosystems, which requires passion and discipline. Today there are more women in NASA than ever before, women who are breaking paradigms and facing the great challenges of our times.”

The event had a panel of experts in science, moderated by Dr. Xavier Sáez – Llorens, with the theme of “leadership as a tool for women in science.” The panel was made up by Markoba Concepción, Minister of Social Development; Dr. Paulina Franceschi, microbiologist and advisor to national and international organizations; and Lina Solís Castillo – CEO, Genetix Clinical Laboratory.

A very special part of the activity was the presentation “Tools for an assertive leadership”, which was provided by Natalia Vega, a public health specialist, and with the participation of the social communicator Marisol Guizado, who spoke about the Platform Panamá en Positivo, which disseminates and rewards good practices that occur in the country.

The Third Women and Girls in Science Forum was held thanks to the UN general assembly decreed that February 11 was to be the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This year the theme was focused on providing tools and testimonials about female leadership and decision making.

Planning my life and my world

R + D + i

As part of the commemorative activities for the celebration of the International Women and Girls in Science Day, the City of Knowledge Foundation co-organized with SENACYT the workshop: Planning my life and my world, aimed at young girls and university Science students who gathered at the CdS Convention Center.During the workshop a series of dynamics were developed in which the young women exchanged experiences and structured a “Life Plan” focused on where they are going and where they plan to see each other in the future.They also enjoyed a talk / exchange with the Panamanian scientists who won the Loreal UNESCO Award, such as  Sandra López Verges, María Beatriz Carreira, Laura Patiño, Lorena Coronado, Gina Della Togna, Gabrielle Britton, Oris Sanjur, Ivone Torres, among others, with whom they got to share their experiences.Finally, the participants wrote in an envelope how they see themselves in 10 years. The envelope was placed in a container that was symbolically buried for a decade, when it will be opened and we shall get to see how much they have achieved for their country.

Gathering for TRAMA: Meeting of Culture and Creative Economy

Culture and Community

On February 5, a meeting was held with representatives of the more than 40 organizations, festivals, guilds, companies and universities with which City of Knowledge is preparing the program of activities of TRAMA: Meeting of Culture and Creative Economy, which will take place at the City of Knowledge and Casco Viejo between July 23 and 26.

TRAMA is an event in which professionals from different cultural and creative industries meet, make connections and exchange experiences and knowledge. In its third edition, the meeting is promoted by the City of Knowledge, with the support of the Creative Industries Commission of the Chamber of Commerce of Panama, PRISMA – International Contemporary Dance Festival of Panama and the IFF International Film Festival of Panama.

During the TRAMA organizational meeting that took place, the different working groups were able to see and comment for the first time how the full program of the event looks. The program of the meeting includes activities organized in nine sectors: Music, cinema + animation, theater + dance, visual arts, advertising + graphic design, architecture, fashion and related, gastronomy and journalism. Soon more information; pay attention.

CIKI 2020 launch

R + D + i

Special guests, experts in innovation and general public gathered at SENACYT facilities, in City of Knowledge, for the Launch of the X Congress of Knowledge and Innovation (CIKI-2020).

Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation, and Eysel Chong, Knowledge Management Manager of the City of Knowledge Foundation, were part of a panel of experts in the development of innovation ecosystems, in this event that aimed to publicize what is expected for the CIKI 2020, that will take place on November 19 and 20 at the City of Knowledge.

The X Congress of Knowledge and Innovation (CIKI-2020), is an inter-American event that promotes conceptual, methodological and practical progress in knowledge management, intellectual capital and innovation management.

During the launch, Eysel Chong mentioned that “today we will be exchanging experiences on innovation ecosystems, in order to seek alliances so that CIKI in Panama has an important revelation associated with the co-production of the common good.”

For his part, Professor Arosemena recalled that “when Panama was preparing to take control of the reverted areas, a couple of illustrious Panamanians realized that the 21st century was to be dedicated to knowledge. In this case initiatives like CIKI play a very important role since part of our mission is to consolidate ourselves as an innovative community. That’s what it is about, for innovation to benefit the human race.”

The Congress is held annually promoted by the Postgraduate Program in Engineering and Knowledge Management (EGC) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), the Scientific and Technological Park (TECNOPUC) of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and the College of the Americas Program (COLAM) of the Inter-American University Organization (OUI), Canada, in partnership with numerous higher education institutions and organizations committed to the development of innovation in the Americas.

The Panama Academy for the Future will begin this 2020


Members of the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) visited the City of Knowledge in order to hold a meeting and learn more about the facilities that will be used for the Panama Academy for the Future. 90 students, men and women, were selected as part of this project.

The Panama Academy for the Future is a project that is aimed at young pre-graduate Panamanians with good academic performance in official educational centers. Its objective is to provide students with high educational performance, a comprehensive and excellent training so they can graduate from the middle level with international quality standards, which will allow them to strengthen their skills, through an international bilingual baccalaureate. This initiative will have the English language as a second language.

MEDUCA and City of Knowledge seek to take advantage of the CdS campus where companies, institutions, international organizations, academic programs and technology and innovation companies coexist. Here, the 90 students selected from all provinces of the country, will be able to use the classrooms, laboratories, spaces for cultural events, dormitories, gym, cafeterias and more.

The City of Knowledge has the high-level academic conditions that constitute a determining element for the success of the development of the Panama Academy for the Future, which, as of the 2020 school year, will open the doors for the first group of students.

Presentation at CdS of the USMA Institute of Global Health and Tropical Medicine

The Santa María La Antigua Catholic University and the City of Knowledge Foundation held the Presentation of the Institute of Global Health and Tropical Medicine of the Santa María La Antigua Catholic University (USMA), on Wednesday, November 27 at the City of Knowledge.

Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation, mentioned that this “workshop is essential because it is the presentation of an Institute that wants to dedicate its resources to health, a subject that is extremely important. A new contribution to research in our country is always welcomed.”

Dr. Yanet Torres Acosta, Specialist of I and II degree in Family Medicine with emphasis on infectology at the level of primary health care, was responsible for carrying out the presentation of the Institute. According to Dr. Torres “the Institute of Global Health and Tropical Medicine aims to contribute to scientific knowledge, through the development of multidisciplinary research projects, academic proposals of excellence and the search for financial cooperation.”

“In the world plenty of global health institutes have been created and we did not want Panama to be an exception. This Institute, based at the USMA, is already developing research on various topics such as dyslexia and its relationship with school failure, climate change, and HIV, relying on networks that help us to be a health promoting community”, said Dr. Torres.