Our mission

To be an innovative community that drives social change through humanism, science, and business.

We live in a world where knowledge is the main factor for economic and social development thanks to technological advances that, like never before, allow us to share and take advantage of information and knowledge on a global scale. 

In this scenario, societies that are best prepared to prosper are those that are organized to generate knowledge, share it, and apply it when making decisions, given today’s complex economic, social, and environmental issues. That is why Panama must invest more in developing its capacity for research, scientific and technological development, and innovation, and make it available to service the needs of people and communities. 

Collaboration is key in this search for solutions. The City of Knowledge is the place where entrepreneurs, businessmen, scientists, thinkers, artists, community leaders, as well as experts from the government, NGO’s, and international organizations collaborate to develop projects that trigger social change. 

At the City of Knowledge, we believe that only through a strategic alliance among the State, private companies, and the third sector, will Panama be able to develop a knowledge-intensive economy and society.

Science as a whole plays a crucial role in understanding society’s problems and offering appropriate solutions. The business world also plays a significant role in this matter; therefore, it is necessary to further incorporate research, technological development, and innovation into its production processes. 

A humanist ethic must guide everything we do. We believe that all human beings have a common essence and dignity that we must uphold and acknowledge each other. In this sense, the City of Knowledge uses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as its point of reference, and the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations as its roadmap.

This convergence of humanism, science, and business is what makes the City of Knowledge’s contribution to problem-solving unique. It is an innovative community that is open to all, and an experimental laboratory for the transformations we hope to see in Panama and the world.

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