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Published on January 18, 2022

Finance and Administration Manager 1

Limit: March 11, 2022

Finance & Administration Manager 1 is accountable for the integrity of financial and analytical accounting and for reporting from the field. S/he oversees all financial resources and administrative activities, such as management of premises and staff travel, in a given delegation/other structure.

 Accountabilities and Responsibilities
• Supervises, or is in charge of, the accounts of the delegation/structure; may be asked to contribute to preparing the annual budget/monthly forecast and risk reporting, cost-control and analysis of budget deviations. Ensures compliance with statutory reporting requirements (i.e. taxes and social security, the latter in close collaboration with the Human Resources Manager), and regularly assesses the financial situation (including treasury) of the delegation/structure.

• Acts as adviser, trainer and coach on all financial or economic matters for the teams running humanitarian projects.

• Is responsible for drawing up contingency measures to respond to critical changes in the operating context.

• Interprets institutional guidelines and policies in light of the local context; sees to it that these are strictly applied and monitored, ensuring compliance with ethical standards and mitigating financial risks.

• Acts as co-signatory and finance interface for both authorities and commercial parties (suppliers, banks etc.).

• Provides reliable forecasts and budget data to Management.

• Oversees day-to-day financial management and maintenance of offices and residential premises; maintains an appropriate security set-up, including safe accommodation for all mobile staff.

• Supports the Head of Delegation/other structure in establishing (and updating) the Risk Assessment for the delegation/structure, focusing on risks related to real estate and finance. Implements and monitors risk-mitigation measures in his/her area of responsibility, in close liaison with technical departments.

• In cooperation with technical departments and the sustainability team at headquarters, initiates and leads measures to reduce energy consumption and implements "gap-closing" measures identified in the Sustainability Assessment.


Other responsibilities:

• Manages the Finance & Administration team and the « Welcome » desk in charge of all travel arrangement at the delegation/structure;

• Budget of delegation/structure

• Number of staff members: typically 10-50;

• Number of premises (offices and residences)

• Annual local spent

Positions concerned: 

• F & A Manager in a Delegation where the environment is stable and secure, the financial risk is low to medium, staff members are relatively experienced and as such the structure can be fully managed locally;

• Internally, interacts with the Head of Delegation/ structure and with other departments in the field, and with the Head of Finance & Administration Sector

• Externally, interacts with financial authorities (tax authorities, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies) and suppliers (e.g. Heads of Finance).

 Certifications / Education required
• University degree in business administration, finance/accounting, or industrial engineering  

• Diploma in accounting (CPA/CMA or similar) / internal audit (CIA or similar) an asset.

• Fluent command of English

Professional Experience required
• 3 years confirmed practical experience in finance, management or accounting.

Experience in an international working environment, abroad or with an international organization/development agency.

Key competences:



People management

Team work & Collaboration

Representing the ICRC

Beneficiary & Client focused


If you are interested in applying, please send an email to with the following information: Letter of Motivation, Salary expectation and your Resume.

Thanks for applying at the ICRC.

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