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Meet El Lunario, a family cultural center that promotes inclusion

Culture and Community

El Lunario Cultural Center recently opened at the City of Knowledge. It settled with all its good vibes and promises to introduce rhythm to this former military base that already had an assorted offer of academic, cultural, entertainment and sports activities. Only one space like this was missing, a center whose mission was to give life to the campus, promoting inclusion, values and family. A place where everyone can participate.

The idea came from the Luna Llena de Tambores and from producing events throughout the year. It has been a journey of many years, says Alfredo Hidrovo, one of the creators of El Lunario. And so, the need to have a physical space and the family’s demand to want to learn percussion or dance created the necessary ingredients to give birth to this project.

Finding the place was not easy, according to Alfredo, “we needed a space where we could make noise, that was safe and where the community could respond positively and participate in the initiative.” After searching in different areas, El Lunario found a home at the City of Knowledge; in a galley that it shares with its partners of Cervecería Feroz, with whom they joined forces to carry out their projects.

El Lunario Cultural Center is not exactly a school where only the one with qualities or the one with good qualifications advances, nor is it an event room where only artists can participate. In El Lunario all family members have a space to express themselves.

We want to encourage people to come here to try. Not everyone has the time or the same ability as the other to play music, but if you feel like it, why not try?, says Alfredo.

El Lunario offers percussion, drums, piano, guitar and voice courses. In addition, it has early stimulation classes for children from 0 to 2, 2 to 4 and 4 to 6, where they learn by playing. “There is also an interactive salsa and drum circle (20 people.) In addition, there are folklore classes for children from 4 to 6 years of age. In the center there will be events of all kinds such as: concerts, exhibitions, movie nights, workshops, conferences, etc. In short, it is a place where good ideas have a new place. Here, in building 215 of City of Knowledge, everyone is welcome and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have so many skills, you just need the desire and the drive to learn and have a good time with the family, concludes Hidrovo.You can become a member of El Lunario by visiting its facilities in building 215 of the City of Knowledge. In addition, with the code #yovivoenciudaddelsaber you can receive discounts on weekly classes for adults.

For more information look them up on Instagram: ellunario

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