From the sky


The bright Pacific Ocean spreads out before our silver bird.

The expeditionary team of the Albatross Media Foundation watches the horizon of the Gulf of Panama in search of whales: a recurring scene in our photographic explorations in the Panamanian air space with my indispensable fellow adventurers.

For several years we travelled across the narrow waist of the continent and the vast archipelagos of the country documenting its seas, islands, mountains, forests and rivers, with the purpose of revealing the importance of preserving and giving a sustainable use to the ecosystems and biodiversity.

After flying countless hours over this privileged nature, having captured thousands of images, it is time to share them in this book that presents our travels through six areas of the country, which includes chronicles, extract from logs, photos, and video links.

These jewels of landscapes that we have photographed have made us certain that, in order to preserve, the key is the regulation of human activities in protected natural areas, forests, mangrove swamps and coral reefs, in areas of reproduction of species, and in the headwaters of watersheds, mainly.

All ecosystems, forests, watersheds, oceans and biodiversity that make life on Earth possible are delicately connected. The breaking of that wonderful chain in any of its links unleashes a series of effects that weaken the delicate natural balance that holds existence in a layer formed by water, earth, and air in which all living things develop and which is called the biosphere.

These are facts that lead us to reflect and reevaluate our relationship with nature, maintaining continuity and life connections through a development model that is friendlier to our natural environment. Thus, by reducing our race in the use of resources, placating our eagerness for materials, we will undoubtedly have access to a safe planet, to a cleaner Home, and to a world with more social harmony and peace.

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