“Entre todos”: A collective statement to remind ourselves of the transforming force of resilience and solidarity


The global health crisis has confronted us with an unprecedented test, revolutionizing almost every aspect of our lives. According to global statistics, some 43 million people have fallen ill from the virus and almost one million have died; billions of people are or have been in isolation.

Humankind is undoubtedly facing a “moment of truth.” Throughout this recovery process, we find ourselves at a crossroads: it’s up to us, and our ability to support each other, if we return to our old habits and patterns; or if, on the contrary, we succeed in building a more inclusive and sustainable future, one that will alleviate our vulnerabilities as a society.

Yet amidst the challenges, there are increasingly strong signs of hope and solidarity, a sense and desire for working together. At the City of Knowledge, a community that promotes social change through humanism, science and business, this message is alive and grows stronger every day.

“As a community, we have been witnesses and participants of a collective effort to cope with this moment through our combined efforts, cooperating with optimism and remembering that we are in this together and that, only together, we will succeed. We see this, day by day, in each of the people who are part of our community, whom, from their multiple areas of work, contribute to create solutions and knowledge to face the pandemic,” says Mariana Núñez Haugland, Vice President of Communications at the City of Knowledge Foundation. “In the City of Knowledge, we committed to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others; to do it well, together,” she explained.

This is precisely the message that has been written in a graphic intervention of two large areas in the quadrangle of City of Knowledge campus, as a visible and constant reminder for the members of the community, that “only by joining hands to act decisively, innovatively, in solidarity and by pulling our strength, will we be able to control the spread of the virus and its socioeconomic impact, but also get ahead truly stronger, more supportive of each other, more resilient, more mindful, more humane, ”added Núñez Haugland.

According to Dr. Guillermo Castro, Executive Advisor of the City of Knowledge Foundation, the pandemic “has brought to light a resource that was already present in our work at the City [of Knowledge], the wealth accumulated through its collaboration efforts and work networks. First, it exists internally, and it’s made up of the entities affiliated to the City of Knowledge, as well as the country’s entities and people that maintain collaborative relationships with us, and  lastly, externally, through agencies and organizations from different parts of the world.”

“It is this spirit of togetherness that gives us hope,” adds Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation. “Fortunately, this shared sense of co-responsibility has brought our community together in ways we hadn’t yet seen, and the examples are found in our member’s multiple disciplines of work: science, technology, entrepreneurship, innovation, training, international cooperation, culture and more,” he added.

Marjoury Casís, architect in charge of the “Entre todos” campus intervention project, explained that while the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed many challenges, it has also inspired exceptional levels of compassion, creativity and collaboration. “We are proud that this intervention of the campus’ physical space – which has had an extraordinary impact thus far- is an embodiment of lessons learned, new ideas and innovative solutions that take our community beyond crisis-mode and towards a sustainable future, by working together,” she said. Without ignoring the realities we face, “it is clear that we need a positive message that emphasizes the need for cooperation.”

In the midst of this difficult time, the message of “Entre todos” serves as a testament to the power of resilience and solidarity, while reminding us of the importance of continuing to recognize the value of the encouraging lessons that are emerging in the world post-COVID. Of these lessons, perhaps one of the most important ones, lies in understanding that the new normal is only acceptable if it’s one we co-create together, through our combined efforts; and if we are able to come out of this problem being better: stronger and more confident, but absolutely more mindful, more caring and more humane.

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