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Enjoy the outdoors and our sports facilities

The green areas, recreational complex, and sports facilities are important features of the City of Knowledge. Most of these services are housed in the Kiwanis Sports Village and are open to the public for free every day of the year.

Our facilities attract a large number of people who participate in numerous leagues, tournaments, races, and training sessions, as well as recreation and leisure activities with their friends, families, and pets.

The Kiwanis Sports Village has a two-kilometer walking track, fields for softball, baseball, and soccer; tennis, racquetball, and basketball courts, a driving range for golf, a swimming pool, a gym, and a children’s park. In certain facilities, such as the swimming pool, the gym, the courts, and the covered barbecue areas, there is a small fee that goes towards maintaining the facilities.

The board of the Kiwanis Sport Village is in charge of the administration of these facilities, through a nonprofit agreement with the City of Knowledge Foundation.

Get to know the Kiwanis Sports Village

Location of their offices: Kiwanis Gym
Phones: 317 0208 / 317 0740.
Mobile: 6577 1279

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