CdS volunteers collect garbage at the Barú volcano


A group of volunteers from the City of Knowledge Foundation embarked on the adventure of climbing the Barú volcano to clean the path that hundreds of visitors travel in this destination of our country. After almost 9 hours of hard work, the volunteers managed to collect 38.3 pounds of trash.

For Mario Fernández, Manager of the Innovation Community, this “was a very rewarding experience because it meant reaching the highest point in Panama. Although it was very difficult, because I think my legs will hurt for a month, the physical and mental effort was a great challenge. For me, and with all the garbage we collected, each step was worth it.

This initiative is part of the City of Knowledge Volunteer Program that seeks to expand our positive impact off campus. The Program is made to integrate the culture of volunteering in the collaborators of the organization and thus achieve social change. Through actions like this, CdS works for a prosperous, inclusive, democratic and sustainable future for Panama and the world.

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