Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

CdS Park trail improvements


The City of Knowledge Park, which is managed by the Kiwanis Sports Village, is one of the most visited points on campus. An outdoor space where people can do many things related to health and well-being, from sports to picnics.

The City of Knowledge Foundation carries out a 2019 community project with the main objective of making improvements in this park. Several action points have been set, such as improving access to the park and informational signs, installing an outdoor gym, planting trees on the main trail, building a dog park, and expanding and improvement of the main trail.

In this sense, which consists of improvements to the trail, we worked for 3 months to expand and restore the circuit, and thus eliminate cracks that could cause mishaps or accidents. In addition, the demarcation of the edges was improved to provide a safe space where people can walk, run and enjoy the great lung of the City of Knowledge.

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