International organizations and NGOs

The main center for NGOs and international organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean is located at the City of Knowledge. The Regional Hub of the United Nations (where a large number of this international organization’s offices and personnel come together), operates from our campus, as well as other organizations that work for a more sustainable and fairer world, supporting human development of the peoples in the continent.

The convergence of organizations for international cooperation, social development, philanthropy, humanitarian activities, and others from the nonprofit sector makes the City of Knowledge a regional meeting point that encourages collaboration and the exchange of experiences, as well as the generation of new ideas and practices for social change, in areas such as child protection, public health, disaster relief, environmental preservation, cultural development, and human rights.


UNICEF en Panamá; tiene el mandato de promover y apoyar al Estado panameño en el cumplimento de la Convención de los Derechos del Niño y Niña (sobrevivencia, desarrollo, protección y participación) para que tengan igual acceso a las oportunidades y alcancen plenamente sus potencialidades. Para la implementación de su cooperación, UNICEF se guía por lo dispuesto en la Convención sobre los Derechos del Niño y Niña.

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