Innovation center

The Innovation Center at the City of Knowledge has two decades of experience developing a network for entrepreneurship and innovation in Panama. Today, there is a large community growing around this initiative, a community that encompasses entrepreneurs and independent professionals from different areas that face the business world with creativity and a pioneering spirit.

Our Innovation Center is a meeting point for resources and initiatives to develop and promote startups that are innovative and show a high potential for growth. To meet this purpose, we offer workspaces and areas for networking activities and exchange of knowledge among entrepreneurs and other professionals.

Its resources include the Investment Program for Startups, which offers seed money, workspaces, mentoring, partnerships, and other opportunities for ventures with a high potential. It also develops the project known as the Canal de Empresarias (Female Entrepreneurs Network), that seeks to overcome barriers and generate opportunities by creating and supporting new companies led by women, influencing business areas to be more inclusive to female talent.

Set up my entrepreneurship

Designed and equipped with what is necessary to promote creativity.

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Canal de empresarias

We strengthen companies led by women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in Panama.

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Startup Investment Program

For ideas committed to changing everything.

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Pineapple Technologies

INVU es un sistema de facturación web versátil que sintetiza cientos de funciones para que la venta a tus clientes sea más eficaz. Funciona en Mac o PC, online y offline. Es intuitivo y fácil de aprender. INVU se conecta con el equipo (hardware) para punto de venta más popular, y se integra con una variedad de sistemas incluyendo Quickbooks, Xero, Magento y WooCommerce.

Con una base de datos centralizada comparte y replica de manera automática clientes, productos, proveedores, transferencias y reportes entre cientos de sucursales. Asigna permisos y accesos personalizados a diferentes usuarios a través de tu organización.

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