Government Entities

The City of Knowledge hosts the headquarters of important Panamanian government institutions such as the National Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT in Spanish), the National Institute of Training and Education for Human Development (INADEH in Spanish), Panama’s Institute for Agricultural Research (IDIAP in Spanish), the National Meteorological Center of Panama (CENAMEP in Spanish), and the Institute for Forensic Medicine and Sciences.

Other institutions located on campus include the Institute for Scientific Research and High Technology Services of Panama (INDICASAT in Spanish) and the International Center for Political and Social Studies (CIEPS in Spanish) will begin operating soon.

Government institutions that have their headquarters in our campus benefit from the convergence of stakeholders from the business, academic, scientific, and creative sectors, along with NGOs and international organizations, which favors collaboration and exchange of knowledge among them and also with our wide network of partners.

15 government entities