The City of Knowledge is home to the headquarters for companies committed to innovation, research, and development (I + R + D) of new solutions for social needs. Our campus offers an ideal environment and opportunities for collaboration and exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Over a period of two decades, this environment for innovation and collaboration offered by the City of Knowledge has drawn companies and institutions from knowledge intensive and technology based fields with a high added value, such as information technology and communications, environmental management, logistics, bioscience, and creative industries.

The work that the City of Knowledge carries out in terms of innovation management supports coordination between the needs of the companies on campus and the services offered by the academic, scientific, and technological sectors. In addition, it facilitates the validation and dissemination of experiences and knowledge through a program of activities that is open to the public.


Nuestro propósito es potenciar un mundo inteligente, sostenible y conectado. Durante más de un siglo, hemos estado poniendo herramientas inteligentes en manos de personas en todos los sectores de nuestra sociedad, creando tecnologías inteligentes que impulsan un cambio positivo.

Palabras clave: 5G, telecomunicaciones, comunicaciones, digital, conectividad,

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