Another successful season of football at CdS


When the summer sun shows its rays on the horizon and is accompanied by the caresses of a fresh breeze, at the City of Knowledge you can breathe the scent of yet another season of your favorite sport: football.

32 teams registered and ready to fight for their honor, like Roman gladiators, who exchange their weapons and shields for a ball, a dribble, a filtered pass, a cry of goal, anguish, enthusiasm or complicity.

Comrades in arms that came out every day of the week to face their peers and show why they could win the game. A game that measures its integrity in the weight of the golden championship trophy in a frenzy that seizes the brightest minds, and the most dynamic legs.

There were 4 months of intense matches in which the passion of one more season was lived, where 31 teams were falling like dominoes to make way for the only dominator: AUPSA.

The final was defined, how could it be otherwise, in a throbbing battle of talent and guts that placed AUPSA at the top of the football gods of the campus. Down, just a fine step, the US Embassy team rested resigned, but with all the honor that is given to a runner-up.

Another season came to an end, and the field bathed in water and suffocated in moisture was left completely depopulated, leaving a haze of emotions and memories of all the gladiators who participated in the battle for the glory of being champion. In the battle of camaraderie, of smiles, of passion …, of football.

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