Sustainable urban planning

In the City of Knowledge sustainable urbanism and avant-garde architecture coexist with the preservation of the historical legacy.

The City of Knowledge Foundation is responsible for transforming a former military base into a place for innovation that promotes collaboration between research centers, universities, companies, NGOs, international organizations and other agents, with a view to using knowledge to drive social change.

The transformation process of the former Fort Clayton has required the design and implementation of architectural, urban and landscaping interventions, inspired by the concepts the Foundation has been developing and perfecting since it was established in 1995.

The process for creating the site’s Master Plan for Urban Development was begun in 2004, developed over several years, and officially approved in January 2009.  Its main goal is to organize the growth of the City of Knowledge, enabling the process of building new structures and spaces on campus as part of a comprehensive vision, and with the adequate provision of infrastructure.

The Master Plan:

  • Identifies areas and establishes criteria for the preservation of the site’s heritage.
  • Plans for the maintenance of more than 60% of the campus as green areas.
  • Determines areas for expansion and densification in order to develop new activities related to the mission.
  • Establishes urban regulations and defines land use.
  • Includes a plan for roads, pedestrian circulation and new parking areas.
  • Forecasts interventions in the landscape for improving the environmental quality.

The Foundation has plans to transform the campus into a point of reference for sustainable urban development, a purpose for which it has established policies based on the following principles:

Sustainable construction
Water and energy conservation
Waste management
Knowledge management

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On campus, City of Knowledge members will find everything they need to carry out their activities related to business, entrepreneurship, training, and research, as well as creative and institutional endeavors.


Historic legacy

The old Fort Clayton is an important testimony of the American military presence in Panama and the history of the transit through the isthmus.



Know the locations of the different areas and buildings in addition to the activities for which they are intended. Get ready to visit us!