What does the campus offer?

City of Knowledge is located just minutes from downtown Panama City and its historic center. The transfer terminal of the City of Knowledge offers access to the Metro Bus network.

The City of Knowledge offers its associates spaces for different purposes including coworking areas, laboratories, workshops, classrooms and others.  It also has facilities for meetings and events, auditoriums, temporary lodgings, residential areas, commercial establishments and green areas, as well as cultural, recreational and sports facilities.

The campus has a resident community and also welcomes visitors. It offers a varied program of public activities, organized with a view to sharing knowledge through congresses, conferences and workshops on scientific, entrepreneurial, creative and humanistic subjects. There are also numerous cultural and community activities that enrich campus life.

The City of Knowledge provides an environment of well-being for both individuals and the community. It promotes sustainable urban development and the conservation of its historic legacy, while aiming to function as an innovative laboratory for social change.

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Historic Legacy

The old Fort Clayton is an important testimony of the American military presence in Panama and the history of the transit through the isthmus.


Sustainable Urban Planning

The Foundation has proposed to turn the campus into a benchmark in terms of sustainable urban development.



Know the locations of the different areas and buildings in addition to the activities for which they are intended. Get ready to visit us!