Our Vision

A prosperous, inclusive, democratic and sustainable future for Panama and the world.

The City of Knowledge wants to participate in building a future with general well being, in which societies and cultures can prosper, in a peaceful and solidary way, with a sense of security, and in constant dialogue with each other.

We envision a planet in balance, where production and consumption are carried out in a responsible and sustainable way. A world where everyone’s basic

needs are met, and in which individuals and communities can lead healthy, productive, creative and purposeful lives.

We are inspired by the vision of a future with full democratic liberties, living in pluralist and tolerant societies that guarantee social justice and human rights.  A future in which equal opportunity is guaranteed for all individuals, without exception.

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On campus, City of Knowledge members will find everything they need to carry out their activities related to business, entrepreneurship, training, and research, as well as creative and institutional endeavors.


Corporate Government

The Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees are two basic pillars, not only organizational but philosophical, of the City of Knowledge Foundation. They are composed of renowned personalities from different fields.



Know the work structure and functioning of the City of Knowledge through the different sections of the team, their responsibilities and their activities.