Vice Presidency for Innovation

This Vice Presidency manages and energizes the City of Knowledge Innovation Center, which has two decades of experience in developing an ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation in Panama. Today, there is a significant community growing around this initiative, made up of entrepreneurs and independent professionals from different areas that approach the business world with a sense of creativity and a pioneering spirit.

The Innovation Center is a meeting point for resources and initiatives for founding and promoting startups that are innovative and show potential for growth, both nationally and internationally. Its resources include the Investment Program for Startups, which offers seed money, workspaces, mentorships, alliances and opportunities such as participating in a community of innovators.

It also develops the Canal de Empresarias (Women’s Entrepreneurship) Project, which seeks to break barriers and create opportunities by founding new companies whose leaders are women, as well as supporting the growth of existing companies, influencing business environments so that they become more inclusive and receptive to female talent.

The Innovation Center offers companies, organizations or interested groups its accumulated knowledge and experience through training programs and specialized consultancies.

Roberto Broce

Analista de Social Media

Cristina Collazos

Gerente de Aceleración

Carla Donalicio

Especialista de Logística de Eventos y Comunicación

Mario Fernández

Gestor de la Comunidad de Innovación

Desilú Henríquez


Larú Linares

Gerente de Emprendimiento Femenino

Maudelyne Martinez


Dayra Navarro

Gerente de Operaciones del Centro de Innovación

Adyelis Tagles

Especialista de Emprendimiento Femenino