Vice Presidency for Communications

This Vice Presidency is responsible for the City of Knowledge’s public outreach. Its duties encompass all the activities related to external communications, media relations, visitor services and the organization of institutional events.

It promotes projects and activities for the communication of knowledge through the Forum Program which crystallizes the idea of the City of Knowledge as a Socratic forum: a place for congregation, dialogue and reflection, which promotes and facilitates the generation, application and dissemination of knowledge.

It is also in charge of coordinating strategies for cultural and community affairs, in order to generate the public activities program. It develops events aimed at the public use of the site’s historic and recreational attractions, in addition to educating users about its value and meaning.

Eduardo Araújo

Vicepresidente de Comunicaciones

Leonel Bernal

Diseñador Gráfico

Estefani Esturain

Asistente Administrativa

Aitor Iriberri

Creador de Contenidos Audiovisuales

Esther Pang

Gerente de Comunicaciones

Manuel Rivera

Administrador del Centro de Interpretación

Martín Tarté

Creador de Contenido Digital

Davinia Uriel

Gerente de Cultura y Comunidad

Liliana Wong

Analista de Social Media