Executive Vice Presidency

The Executive Vice Presidency is responsible for supervising the team of Vice Presidents and Directors, as well as managing the City of Knowledge Foundation’s operations, including establishing policies for the institution’s organizational, administrative and operating procedures.

It tracks the progress and execution of the institution’s strategic plans and guarantees the implementation of the necessary changes to keep the organization in line with those plans, promoting the fulfillment of its goals and objectives.

Massiel Ábrego

Analista de Procesos

Lacey Agredo

Analista de Desarrollo Organizacional

Inés Coba

Especialista de Desarrollo Organizacional

Tony Hau

Gerente de Servicios al Cliente

Valeria Mendoza

Especialista del Sistema de Información

Irene Perurena

Vicepresidente Ejecutivo

Carlos Reyes

Gerente del Sistema de Información

Sahid Rivas

Especialista de Desarrollo Organizacional

Carlos Rodríguez

Gerente de Desarrollo Organizacional