Architecture and Urban Planning

This department is in charge of urban planning and its implementation, enabling the orderly development of new structures and spaces on campus, making sure they have the necessary infrastructure, and foreseeing the conservation needs for the main historic complexes. In addition, it spearheads the execution of the sustainability strategy, which includes guidelines regarding the management of spaces and buildings, mobility and integral waste management, with a vision to transforming the City of Knowledge into a point of reference in the matter of sustainable urban development in Panama. It is responsible for anticipating and creating the spaces required to fulfill the City of Knowledge project’s objectives. It takes part in the process of assigning spaces to satisfy the needs of the Foundation’s clients.

Noriel Ayala

Jefe de Proyectos de Urbanismo

Myriam Calvo

Director de Arquitectura y Urbanismo

Marjoury Casís

Jefe de Proyectos de Clientes y Edificaciones

Mabely Cedeño

Seguridad Ambiental y Gestión de Desechos

Lúa Delgado

Coordinador de Sostenibilidad

Sally Hernández

Especialista del Sistema de Información de Infraestructura

Luis Jimenez

Jefe de Proyectos

Teresa Ospino

Gerente de Proyectos

Ana Ottenwalder


Yetsibel Reyes

Asistente Administrativa

Alessa Stabile

Gerente de Sostenibilidad