At the City of Knowledge, we consider the human team that integrates it as the success factor of our services, and it is assumed as one of our main strategies.

At the City of Knowledge, we consider the human team that integrates it as the success factor of our services, and it is assumed as one of our main strategies.

Management team


Jorge Arosemena

Presidente Ejecutivo

Since its foundation, and for more than 20 years, I've had the honor of steering the ship of the City of Knowledge Foundation, along an extraordinary and professional team. Before starting this project, I was a public official at the Panamanian Institute of Tourism, the Presidency, and the Ministry of Education.


Irene Perurena

Vicepresidenta Ejecutiva

In my role as Executive Vice President, I make sure that all work teams at the Foundation cooperate in a manner that is aligned with our mission to be an innovative community that drives social change. I am a volunteer at the Panamanian Red Cross, and I belong to associations such as APEDE, and the first group of women of Executive Forum – Panama Chapter.


Ben Bravo

Vicepresidente de Administración y Finanzas

Since 2005, I have led the institution's administrative management. I am an Accountant with 28 years of professional experience in the private sector in areas related to accounting, finance, logistics, budget, and management. In addition, I instituted the Flag Planting activity that is now traditionally held every year at the City of Knowledge.


Eduardo Araújo

Vicepresidente de Comunicaciones

For the past decade, I have overseen the cultural affairs and activities strategy for the City of Knowledge public; since 2014 as Communications Vice President. I specialized in cultural management at the University of Barcelona and I have led editorial projects, exhibits, and documentaries. I promoted the Cluster of Creative Industries of the Panama Chamber of Commerce.


Rodrigo Celis

Vicepresidente de Operaciones

As Vice President of Operations, I make sure that the campus functions smoothly for everyone. Before joining the City of Knowledge, I was part of the team that created the COPA Airlines loyalty program. I had the opportunity to study at the IE Business School. In addition, I was captain of the first rowing team that represented Panama in an international competition.


Raúl Adames

Director de Asesoría Legal

I have been a legal consultant for the City of Knowledge since 2005. I graduated from the University of Panama and I have two decades of experience in civil and labor law, contract management, notarizing, and legal and labor counseling. I have represented the City of Knowledge and Panama before the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.


Myriam Calvo

Directora de Arquitectura y Urbanismo

I lead the urban planning of the City of Knowledge, balancing the organized development of new buildings and spaces at the campus while preserving the main historic compounds. I previously worked at the Interoceanic Region Authority and I have professional experience in managing in-house companies.


Jonathan Díaz

Director de Negocios

Leading the creation and implementation of the strategy to attract and gain the loyalty of the members is my key role as Business Manager. Before joining the City of Knowledge team, I was the director of Multinational Companies Headquarters at the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.


Ricardo Eskildsen

Director de Finanzas e Inversiones

As the Finance and Investment Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, I lead the business diversification strategy and support the planning and execution of the organization's finances. After my arrival, I led the transition from Peachtree to SAP. Prior to this, I worked as a private banking and investment fund consultant.


Vilma Falconett

Directora de Relaciones Públicas

I love my job of establishing partnerships that benefit the City of Knowledge Foundation. I am very organized with my work and I consider myself a fashionable grandmother who likes to spoil her grandchildren. One of my favorite anecdotes at the Foundation was offering and serving coffee to the now King of Belgium Filip Leopold Lodewijk during his visit to the CdS in 2009.


Juan Moreno

Director del Centro Internacional para el Desarrollo Sostenible

Since its creation, I have led the International Center for Sustainable Development, which promotes knowledge management for sustainable development, integrating multiple disciplines. I have a bachelor's degree in Economics and I am a scholar of the theory of complexity, with an extensive background in the field of research and public administrat

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On campus, City of Knowledge members will find everything they need to carry out their activities related to business, entrepreneurship, training, and research, as well as creative and institutional endeavors.


Corporate Government

The Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees are two basic pillars, not only organizational but philosophical, of the City of Knowledge Foundation. They are composed of renowned personalities from different fields.



Know the locations of the different areas and buildings in addition to the activities for which they are intended. Get ready to visit us!