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The City of Knowledge Foundation offers the public its new Athenaeum, an auditorium for the presentation of films, performing arts, conferences and other activities, with more than 700 seats and equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology. This new cultural infrastructure operates in the former Clayton movie house building (built in 1935 and recently renovated by the City of Knowledge Foundation) considered an example of "Spanish Colonial Revival" architecture, characteristic of the Bella Vista neighborhood.

Technical Equipment

  • Audio and video cinema processor
  • Audio digital system console
  • Tangent-array loudspeakers
  • Surround system amplifiers
  • Video projector 4K ultra-high resolution
  • Automatic retractable screen 19
  • DVI Scaler
  • 15 m x 8.9 m performing stage (49 x 29 ft)

Cultural platform

The City of Knowledge Foundation has placed a strategy in motion for a cultural offering that includes a rich and varied collection of artistic activities on Campus as well as projects designed to highlight the historic heritage of this site.


The Clayton movie theater was built by the United States Army in 1935 and was designed by Architects Wright and Schay, who created several of the most outstanding buildings in the Bellavista neighborhood, such as the Riviera, Sousa and Hispania buildings (all still standing).

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