We reached 13.5 million children and adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2016

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Save the Children Latin America and the Caribbean, with headquarters at the City of Knowledge, presented their Annual Report 2016 “Committed to the defense and promotion of children’s rights in Latin America and the Caribbean” to show the regional achievements of 2016.

The report showcases the goals achieved by the organization through 213 projects in thematic areas including child protection, education, health and nutrition, Child Rights Governance and child poverty, which were implemented during 2016. 26.4% of their programmes involved effective child participation.

“Extreme violence, migration and forced displacement, as well as high rates of early pregnancy are the main problems that affect children and adolescents in our region. In 2016, through our programs and humanitarian responses, we reached more than 13.5 millions of children and we will continue working to reach the most excluded and vulnerable,” said Victoria Ward, Regional Director of Save the Children Latin America and the Caribbean.

“The alliances with partners, governments, civil society organizations, enterprises as well as the daily efforts of our staff allow us to affirm that we can reach every last child”.

As laid out in the report, the priorities of the region are based on the global strategy “Ambition for Children 2030.” The vulnerable population groups with which Save the Children works primarily are migrant children because of the humanitarian crisis in the Northern Triangle of Central America (El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala) and Mexico, where children and adolescents migrate to the United States. The second priority are adolescents due to the high risk of exclusion caused by the lack of access to education, resources and employment opportunities.

In the thematic area of Health and Nutrition, 3 million children were reached with programs focused on early childhood, of which 67% were related to basic education. Additionally, almost 3 million children and adolescents gained access to quality health and nutrition services. In the area of protection, Save the Children reached nearly 4 million children ensuring proper care, protection against the different forms of violence, and working to strengthen the local and national protection systems. About Child Rights Governance, the institution reached 1.5 million children, focusing their efforts on follow-up actions and demands for Children’s Rights and public investment in children. Finally, regarding child poverty, Save the Children supported friendly livelihoods for children and carried out skills development programs for adolescents, reaching 1.1 million children and adolescents

Regarding humanitarian aid, Save the Children responded to 17 emergencies and reached more than 800 thousand people, of whom approximately 380 thousand were children and adolescents.

In the humanitarian response in Haiti, Save the Children reached 58 thousand people, including 34 thousand children. In the humanitarian response in Ecuador, 13,500 people were reached, including 5 thousand children and adolescents. The regional Zika response obtained relevant results reaching 1.2 million people, of whom 330 thousand were children and adolescents.

Save the Children has engaged in advocacy to guarantee child rights and amplified children and adolescents’ voice in global advocacy spaces. During 2016, Save the Children worked with the Bolivian and Peruvian governments to prevent early pregnancy, presented reports, and proposed legal frameworks to promote the protection of children in Brazil, Venezuela and Chile. In the same way, through advocacy, the law against physical and humiliating punishment was approved in Paraguay. Further remarkable achievements are detailed in the report.