Visualistmo: World Design Day Panama 2017 at CdS

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As part of the celebration of World Design Day in Panama, Ese Estudio and Punto Bohemio, with sponsorship by the City of Knowledge Foundation, held "Visualistmo: World Design Day Panama 2017", on Thursday, April 27, at the City of Knowledge Convention Center.

Visualistmo is a collective that brings together a multidisciplinary community, passionate about design and visual arts. United by the common goal of creating a platform to enhance the value of design in Panama, through initiatives with mainly educational purposes. Among the initiatives promoted by the group we can mention a workshop on branding by Pupila Estudio (CR), a dialogue table for the discussion and analysis of specific graphic design issues, and lectures by David Corzo and Gaby Garrido of La Branderie (PA), Carla Lachman and Laura Arias of Kisoco Creativo (PA), and Alfredo Enciso and Bruno Campos from Pupila Estudio (CR).

This year the collective, through theoretical and practical tools, provided the design community with a space for the exchange of ideas and opinions, education, inspiration and motivation. It also counted with the participation of national and international guests, who with their experiences illustrated this year’s theme: The creative process as the basis of design.