Trends and challenges of corporate communication

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The City of Knowledge Foundation and IESA held the second conference of their 2017 cycle with the theme: Trends and challenges of corporate communication: Key factors that define reputation management and strategic communication, on Thursday, March 30 at the City of Knowledge Convention Center.

Guest speaker was Gustavo Manrique, Partner-Director of Stratego, consultant in reputation management, crisis management, strategic communication and organizational change in national and multinational companies in the Andean Region and Central America.

During the monthly free conference of IESA in Panama and the City of Knowledge, which was attended by 200 people, Manrique explained that there are seven revolutionary trends that should be part of the communication strategy of corporations.

"The way we communicate has changed. Immediacy, social networks, new generations and the evolution of technology leads to this transformation of communication within organizations. The challenge is to include these trends: Innovation / creativity, getting involved, promoting heroes, culture and identity, connecting, understanding communication, and protecting their reputation; all aligned in an effective strategy directed at our new recipients of information," said Manrique.