TRAMA begins

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The cycle of conferences, workshops and master classes of TRAMA: Music Industry, began on Tuesday, May 15 with a firm step at the City of Knowledge Athenaeum.

Two of the most outstanding Panamanian musicians in recent history, the pianist and cultural manager Danilo Pérez and the singer, composer and arranger Patricia Vlieg, shared with an audience formed by musical fans and representatives of the various creative industries, their ideas and ideals for a more humane Panama through music.

Danilo Pérez, in his conference "Social change through music", highlighted how from Confucius to Dizzy Gillespie, through the centuries, the purpose of music has been one of importance and social benefit.

Patricia Vlieg, in a conference as informative as enlightening, commented and performed with her ensemble pieces from the album "Cabanga", her reinterpretation of the contemporary folklore of Panama.

"These conferences were inspiring! They gave us a class not only in the history of music, but also in ethics and morals and how human beings can transcend. TRAMA is enriching, a treasure, and I hope Panamanians value it".
Alina Carrasco
Interior designer, cultural manager.

"This is a dream come true. TRAMA: Music industry is a good juncture to begin to reflect on what is the real state of our scene and how we can improve it. It is also good for companies and the government to understand that the music industry is a power to develop, not tomorrow or later, but right now".
Yigo Sugasti
Musician, cultural manager.