Training workshop for journalists on energy interconnection

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Latin America has the conditions to universalize access to energy services and ensure the energy supply that sustains the sustainable economic development of the region, given its wide potential resources. That is why the Regional Program for Energy Security and Climate Change in Latin America (EKLA) of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, together with CONNECTAS and with the support of the City of Knowledge Foundation, held the workshop for journalists: "Electrical Interconnection and its relationship with the Development Agenda in Latin America".

Collaborative and cross-border journalistic work on key issues for development, such as energy interconnection, is one of the challenges facing journalism today. A key part of their success depends on building trust among the members of the work teams, among other variables. The objective of the workshop was to get the participants to expand their knowledge on this subject and from there motivate their interest to the production of stories in depth.

"The importance of this workshop is to generate knowledge and exchange experiences so that the energy sectors are better connected," said Katherine Segura, an expert on energy issues at OLADE. “The workshop allows for a more active and dynamic interaction for journalists, who are the people that are most closely linked to the community and who we must conscientize in a correct way”.

Experts on energy issues in the region conducted the activity and journalists from various Latin American countries participated in it. During the workshop, held at the City of Knowledge Training and Business Center, participants were trained on techniques for in-depth stories and accessed specific knowledge about the potential and challenges of achieving energy interconnection in the region.