Soluciones Seguras and Imperva carry out Technological Breakfast "Protecting what matters most"

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Soluciones Seguras, a company with more than 15 years of experience in network and communications security, and Imperva, a leading provider of data security solutions, hosted the Technology Breakfast: "Protecting what matters most."

The event, held on May 10 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama, was attended by Terry Ray, Chief Product Strategist of Imperva, as guest lecturer. Ray exposed the trends of attacks and how Imperva can mitigate security breaches with protection to web applications, databases and file systems.

Terry Ray explained in his presentation how web attacks are affecting entities in the United States and talked about vectors of attacks.

In this instance, the guests were able to ask questions and share their concerns with Terry, which generated a climate of trust and interest on the issues addressed.

"For Soluciones Seguras, it is a pleasure to have such outstanding speakers as Terry, to raise awareness among businesses about the key challenges of cybersecurity and how to protect their data and best practices," said Eli Faskha, CEO of Soluciones Seguras.