Photographic exhibition "The mangrove is in danger and so are you!"

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The Center for Environmental Advocacy of Panama (CIAM) and the City of Knowledge Foundation, held the photographic exhibition "The mangrove is in danger and so are you!", together with the presentation of the book "Quantification of the Wetland in Watersheds and Subwatersheds in the Panama Bay Protected Area” by Magister Diana Laguna, on Tuesday, September 5 at La Plaza City of Knowledge.

The event began with words by Dr. Guillermo Castro, Executive Advisor of the City of Knowledge Foundation, who stressed that knowledge must be at the service and protection of Panama's biodiversity. In this sense, the country has organizations like CIAM that are linked to populations that depend on mangroves for their existence, and that is why the City of Knowledge Foundation offers them its support.

For her part, Diana Laguna presented her book which represents a very valuable document detailing the current state of the Bay of Panama wetland. For Laguna, "this study had to be published since generating data, statistics and environmental indicators is important to transform them into information and from there obtain the necessary knowledge to take a step forward towards the preservation of the mangrove”.

The event also counted with the participation of Brooke Alfaro, CIAM's President and Legal Representative, and Sonia Montenegro, CIAM's Executive Director. The photographic exhibition will remain until September 22nd at La Plaza Ciudad del Saber.