NYSE Dual Degree UFM-Tulane University trip

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Last October, students from the MBA and MFIN Dual Degree Tulane University – UFM programs visited New York as part of their international learning experience.

This time students visited the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Bloomberg facilities. Students participated in the traditional bell ringing and heard lectures given by NYSE representatives and the CFA Institute. They also witnessed a lecture by renowned professor Aswath Damodaran, an expert on corporate finance and valuation. To end this experience, MBA and MFIN Dual Degree Tulane University - UFM students took a tour of the Bloomberg facilities, where they received a course. This trip is optional for the students who study our programs and the destination can vary every year.

"The best way to understand the mechanism with which the stock exchange operates is to see it from the inside. And that's what we did when we lived the experience of opening the stock exchange and interacting with the brokers"- Mariel Zaldaña MBA 2016.