Neuroscience and Female Leadership

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The City of Knowledge Foundation and WCD Panama held the forum "Neuroscience and Feminine Leadership", by the international speaker: Dr. Koncha Pinos-Pey, on Wednesday, July 4th, at the City of Knowledge main building.

Lacey Agredo, Organizational Development Analyst at the City of Knowledge Foundation, was in charge of welcoming people to the forum by speaking about her work in the Foundation and the help she receives to be able to feel valued as a person. "To promote equality in a company, you have to understand that we are all different and that we need help to feel important," Lacey explained.

Pinos-Pey explained what neuroscience is, its benefits and how to apply what we know in common and own well-being, as well as how to train the goodness of our brain. For the doctor it is extremely important that we learn how the brain learns and knows the application of neuroeducational programs in the classroom, as well as its good practices.

After the death of her 7-month-old daughter, Pinos-Pey embarked on an academic and spiritual journey to learn how to regain compassion and calm. She began to observe that the brain, mind, intelligence and consciousness can be modified. We have the responsibility to cleanse our brain since it is influenced every day and it is our duty to lead that brain.

Meditating and cultivating the mind produces well-being, is another idea that the Dr. shared with those present. We know that the mind is not stable and that goodness is the basis of the brain and the greatest intelligence. "It is never intelligent to tell someone that he is not intelligent, since the basis of self-esteem is goodness and not being kind would not be intelligent in itself," explained Pinos-Pey.

Those who got to attend the conference also got to learn first-hand a little more about the scope of intervention and its curricular applicability in the educational, psychological and clinical fields.

About the speaker:

Director of Contemplative Studies and contemplative psychotherapist, senior lecturer and researcher in the field of neuroscience of compassion and multiple intelligences. Doctor in International Politics, Master in Clinical Interventions of Mindfulness, Master in Early Education in Multiple Intelligences from the Institute of Multiple Intelligences of Professor Howard Gardner, Harvard University. Facilitator and member of the Center for Compassion and Research in Altruism in Education, Faculty of Medicine, Stanford University, California. Member of the International Mind, Brain and Education Society (IMBES).