Leadership and social impact driven by women

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City of Knowledge, Canal de Empresarias and WCD Panama held the conference "Leadership and social impact driven by women", by Penny Low, founder of Social Innovation Park, on Monday, November 26 at the City of Knowledge Convention Center.

Eysel Chong from the City of Knowledge Foundation, extended a welcoming message to those present by mentioning that CdS is a space whose mission is to be an innovative community that promotes social change through humanism, science and business. About the Canal de Empresarias program, she mentioned that "it was born in 2014 with the objective of supporting the creation and development of more companies led by women. That is why we are once again joining forces between the City of Knowledge and WCD to develop another forum that impacts our ecosystem."

On the other hand, Sigrid Simons de Muller, Director of WCD, stressed that this is "the ninth conference we do with CdS". Many years ago, Singapore and Panama were very close economically, but the growth of Singapore has been such that now Panama has to "improve economic growth with the participation of women entrepreneurs who can carry out the right business plan for the country."

The keynote conference "Leadership and social impact driven by women" was given by Penny Low. She spoke about the history of Singapore when they used to be a country deprived of resources, with too much chaos and hungry and angry people who were forced to strive. Singapore decided to give equal access to women to education and jobs and things started to change in a positive way.

Low mentioned that a women’s brain is much more active in many different areas, such as the part that has to do with impulse. She also emphasized that “women who are better at managing themselves will always be able to find their place in society and be able to make a difference”. For Penny is not complicated at all, “women don’t need a lot, we just need a hug to give us comfort so we know that we are cared for and on the right path to keep going and fighting for a better world”.

About Penny Low

Penny Low, Founder of Social Innovation Park. She was a senior member of the Parliament of Singapore, and developed the first ecological city in the tropics and the award-winning municipality of Singapore. Author of books such as: 'Top 50 Social Innovations Changing Our World', 'Practicing Sustainability', winner of the Silver Nautilus Book Award 2013 in the category of ecological life / sustainability. Founding member of the Forum of Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers.