Interamerican University of Puerto Rico inaugurates a teaching center at CdS

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The Interamerican University of Puerto Rico made history by inaugurating a teaching center in Panama on Monday, March 13th. This was announced by the president of the Inter, Manuel J. Fernós, in an activity that officialized the arrival of the Puerto Rican educational institution to City of Knowledge.

"A few years ago we made the decision to join the City of Knowledge of Panama, recognizing its efforts in favor of research, development and promotion of science and technology," said Fernós. "Our University is deeply proud to have established this center at the City of Knowledge, a place recognized throughout the hemisphere for its main function of knowledge management. We have taken a step forward in our internationalization project."

The President of the Interamerican University explained that one of the objectives is to offer in the future graduate programs and diplomas in the areas of education, government, law, logistics, biotechnology and computer science, with the purpose of strengthening the development of human capital in Panama . "We want to affiliate a number of accredited academic programs in the United States of America, including a Master in Criminal Justice, Master of Science in Biotechnology, Doctorate in Leadership Education and Distance Education Instruction and PhD in Philosophy and Research of a Second Language. We hope that our first academic project is the degree of Development and Design of Video Games," said Fernós.

It is expected that in early April, the Puerto Rico Education Council will carry out an evaluation visit with the objective of authorizing the Development and Design of Video Games program so that courses can be taught in person in Panama.

Regarding the facilities of Inter at CdS, they have administrative offices, a room for teachers, a place for access to library and information resources, and a computer lab with furniture for classroom and conferences. It has Internet access with direct connectivity with the 11 academic units in Puerto Rico and with its library system.

"The Interamerican University of Puerto Rico has been involved in the search for opportunities through the advances of technology, innovative programs, identifying its competitive advantages, in order to strengthen its position as a leading university in the Caribbean and Latin America," said Fernós.