German Ambassador visits CdS

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The Director General for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ambassador Marian Schuegraf, visited the City of Knowledge Interpretative Center to meet with its Executive President, Jorge Arosemena.

The purpose of Ms. Marian Schuegraf's visit was to have conversations with Professor Arosemena for an intensive exchange of views on important current bilateral, regional and global issues. In addition, the visit fulfilled the purpose of deepening the friendly relations between Panama and Germany.

Schuegraf had the opportunity to become familiar with the City of Knowledge's mission of being an innovative community that drives social change through humanism, science and business. Also, she was able to see how the CdS project works to achieve a prosperous, inclusive, democratic and sustainable future for Panama and the world.

As part of the visit, Ms. Ambassador received a tour of the City of Knowledge Interpretative Center, former residence of Fort Clayton's commander, which now houses a historical exhibit whose purpose is to educate and raise awareness about the value of the historical, architectural and landscape heritage of the City of Knowledge, and the efforts that are made to safeguard it and adapt it to new uses.