For safety, CdS will cut all the branches of two sick corotú trees

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On Saturday, December 15, a meeting was held to discuss the two sick corotúes of the City of Knowledge.

The meeting was attended by forestry engineer Ricardo Osorio, Arborization Coordinator of the Environmental Management Department of the Mayor's Office of Panama, who listened to all the consultations on the diagnosis made of the two corotúes, after the recent fall of a large branch.

Both trees are very damaged by fungi, which have left the trunks quite hollow on the inside, despite their exterior healthy appearance. It is expected that branches will continue to be detached, which poses a serious risk to visitors of the City of Knowledge park. 

Therefore, in the coming days, the City of Knowledge Foundation will proceed to remove the branches of these two trees, through a specialized contractor, to whom we also thank for having participated in the most recent meeting with the community. The contractor's work is scheduled to end before January 14.


In different ways, many people have been transmitting their ideas on how we can pay homage to these beautiful giants and transform this experience into an opportunity to strengthen the community.

The loss of these trees also supposes loss of landscape, aesthetic and spiritual values, as well as other more functional values such as shelter and shade. During the meeting on Saturday 15, we talked and we agreed on several ideas and actions that we will carry out to continue conserving some of those values and generate improvements to the park:

• After removal of the branches of both trees, the trunks will be left in place.
• We want to carry out a community project in the area in which the larger branches are used to make urban furniture (such as benches, swings, shadow elements, etc.), sculptures and / or wild gardens. The smaller branches can also be used.
• A sign that stores the memory of the corotúes and educates about that species will be installed in the place.
• The project will include the planting of new trees on the site, which will be carried out after the beginning of the 2019 rainy season.
• The community will participate in the design and execution process of the project, as well as in the selection of the most suitable tree species to plant in the place, taking into account the recommendations of the specialists.
• In February 2019 work meetings will begin, to which all are invited. They will be announced by social networks and email.
• As soon as possible, signs will be installed on the spot to inform the public about what is happening and about the project that we will carry out. The community will also be informed by digital means.