Conference on platforms to measure the marketing of influencers

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The City of Knowledge Foundation and Media Rank held the conference "Platforms to measure the marketing of influencers: Learn a new concept that will allow you to evaluate the link between brands, influencers and real-time audience", on Wednesday, May 17, at the City of Knowledge Convention Center.

Guest speakers were Josh López and Tony Hau of Media Rank, creators of social media intelligence tools dedicated to data mining, statistical analysis and return on investment marketing content on various social networks.

During the conference, López spoke about the importance of evaluating business links, identifying the indicated influencer, identifying the most effective content, having an industry perspective and having the tools to make reports. Hau talked about Instagram's accelerated growth and the contrast between brand marketing spending on influencers (only 20%) and consumer confidence in influencer's opinion (more than 50%). This means that the consumer relies more on the recommendations of other people (influencers) when making purchases, before reviews and websites.

"There are no bad influencers, there are badly executed campaigns, usually due to lack of data. What we must do as responsible for a brand is to investigate the impact that brands and influencers achieve with the content they generate," Lopez said.