Conference on innovation: From the idea to success

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The City of Knowledge Foundation, in partnership with IESA in Panama, began on Thursday, February 9 the FCDS-IESA Conference Cycle. These are free conferences open to the public, with the aim of transferring knowledge and opening educational spaces in topics that are relevant to the strengthening of management tools.

The first conference, attended by more than 300 people, was dedicated to innovation, given by the specialist Francisco Pecorella, who explained to us the importance of innovating in an easy and fast way through a strategy called the 4 I's, which helps to transform ideas into reality. "The ability to innovate is in each of us, but there are prejudices and people who will always attack ideas," said the specialist.

Innovation requires more emotional efforts, such as: perceptions and attitudes versus rational ones that are constituted by processes, concepts and methods. Innovation requires asking questions, being curious, trying different things to do activities. It requires unlearning what has been learned and achieving a new learning that facilitates the new processes without being carried away by pessimism.

To innovate is to think different from what we know and this generates resistance from many people, which is why the attitude must always be positive and wanting to bring about important changes. There are two levels of innovation; the visible one that is directed to the beneficiary (client) and the invisible one that is generated within the borders of the organization to improve internal processes and is perceived by its internal clients.

The 4 I's strategy is a tool that promotes the beginning of an innovation process in 4 phases: Insights - Introspection, Perception, Ideation, Implementation and Indicators. It is an open scheme and in each phase we can chose as many tools as desired. For innovation to be constant the organization must have an Innovation Management system and a strategy that allows it.

Finally, the specialist invited the participants to innovate, to create and not to stay in the past; we can all be part of evolution and changes.