Commemoration of the centenary of the Panamanian Red Cross

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As part of the centenary of the Red Cross in Panama, the City of Knowledge Foundation and the Panamanian Red Cross held the hoisting of its flag at the City of Knowledge. The event began when the Panamanian Red Cross Escort raised the flag of the Republic of Panama and later raised the flag of the Panamanian Red Cross.

"This raising of both flags is the symbol of a celebration of 100 years of the most important humanitarian organization worldwide and we proudly celebrate the centenary of its presence in Panama. At a time when the world is debating in situations of violence and injustice, there is the light of the Red Cross next to the most needy in the most difficult situations. We are building a future of peace and understanding, and what better institution to represent this than the Red Cross. The City of Knowledge will always be open to you who do the most noble work possible," said Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation.

Jaime Fernández, President of the Panamanian Red Cross, stressed that "the Red Cross belongs to everyone. Today we are 100 years old but we will be celebrating many more centenaries. The young people will take over and continue with our work and that's what's really important."

The FCdS presented an acknowledgment to the Panamanian Red Cross, in a ceremony attended by Javier Senent, President of the Spanish Red Cross, the K-SAR (Canine Search and Rescue Unit) of the Panamanian Red Cross, national and international members of the Red Cross and general public.