City of Knowledge begins foresight course

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The City of Knowledge Foundation began on July 31st the “Foresight course: Theory, methods and applications”, by Dr. Jorge Beinstein and professor Mónica Arca Vaca, which will be held until August 4th at the City of Knowledge Training and Business Center.

The activities will be developed at the City of Knowledge Training and Business Center under the direction of professors Jorge Beinstein as the head professor and Mónica Arca Vaca as assistant professor in successive workshops, where theoretical and methodological topics will be developed as well as the practice of techniques applied to specific cases.

The course will be carried out by ten face-to-face classes of four hours each devoted to the development of theoretical and methodological topics and to the execution of exercises of application of techniques of the foresight discipline. These works will be carried out taking as a theoretical and methodological basis the "Manual of Foresight" recently edited by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation (MINCyT) of Argentina to which complementary bibliography will be provided by its teachers.