City of Knowledge sympathizes with SENACYT

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Regarding the debate arising from the new requirements requested by the General Controller’s Office of the Republic for the endorsement of the Scholarships of Excellence of the IFARHU-SENACYT Program, which are by merit, the City of Knowledge Foundation wishes to express its appreciation and support to the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT) in its work to support the training of Panamanian scientists who enter the programs of the best universities in the world.

As explained by Dr. Jorge A. Motta, National Secretary of SENACYT, there is a conceptual difference between merit scholarships and financial aid, so the requirement to assess the economic situation of the applicant of the scholarship proposed by the Controller’s Office is not adequate for the purposes of this type of instrument, common in the countries' scientific development policies.

Thanks to the program executed by SENACYT since 2005, those who have had these scholarships and successfully completed their studies abroad, have returned to Panama to enrich the scientific community, carrying out indispensable tasks in research, innovation and dissemination of science, and allowing the country to expand and diversify its relations with the global scientific community.

We trust that the General Controller’s Office of the Republic and SENACYT will be able to reach a satisfactory agreement promptly, allowing the State to continue using public policy mechanisms for the granting of scholarships for professional merits in benefit of the scientific development of Panama.