City of Knowledge requests dialogue and rectification from MOP

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With regard to the Project of Rehabilitation and Widening of the Omar Torrijos Herrera Avenue that is being carried out by the Ministry of Public Works (MOP), the City of Knowledge Foundation publicly acknowledges its disagreement by the non-transparent manner in which this project has been carried out since it will cause damages to the facilities and roadways of the City of Knowledge and Clayton, and that has already produced a massive deforestation in wooded areas adjacent to the Panama Canal.

For more than two years our Foundation has been trying unsuccessfully to open a dialogue with the MOP to find solutions that minimize the negative impacts of the project on the City of Knowledge and its environment. The Foundation managed to have access to a very simplified version of the project design for the first time in April 2018, when the MOP formally informed us of its beginning.

In view of the affectations and damages that will take place to City of Knowledge and to the neighboring communities, the Foundation interposed on August 2, 2018 an appeal of Habeas data and on October 26, a Writ of Protection of Constitutional Guarantees.

The City of Knowledge has been making valuable contributions to the country's sustainable development for 20 years through science, culture and entrepreneurship, as a country project, with a long-term vision, which has been supported by all governments, including the current one, with which we collaborate profitably in different areas.

For all these reasons, it seems important to us that the Ministry of Public Works reconsiders its position of no dialogue with the City of Knowledge and we invite them to find joint solutions to the negative impacts that the project design poses on this campus and the Clayton area in general. We also call on the people and public opinion to stand in solidarity with the City of Knowledge and its legitimate claim to safeguard its facilities and roadways, for the benefit of us all.