CENAMEP offers conference and inaugurates new headquarters at CdS

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The Panama National Metrology Center AIP (CENAMEP AIP) held an "Open Day" to showcase its new headquarters at the City of Knowledge campus and held a conference on "The Importance of Metrology in Medical Devices".

After 15 years of hard work as a National Metrology Center in its old building, CENAMEP AIP opens the doors of its new and modern installation located in building 206 of the City of Knowledge. The relocation is due to the fact that in the old building they had 9 areas of laboratories and they no longer had room to continue growing and accommodate the new metrology reference laboratories demanded by the country. The new facility, designed according to international standards for metrology laboratories, began its construction in 2012 and recently obtained the LEED SILVER certification, due to its friendly design with the environment and energy consumption. It began to be used in August of 2016 and after months of special adaptations for the electrical, anti-vibration, air systems and for its equipment and measurement patterns, the first stage of the building is presented with 21 new laboratories, which serve of national reference for many of the instruments of measurement and for the measurements that are made in the country.

It is in CENAMEP where the OFFICIAL HOUR OF THE REPUBLIC OF PANAMA originates, that should be used by all; at the request of the ASEP, the quality of the energy and water meters used in homes and businesses, or the transformers used for the purchase and distribution of energy, is verified; the volumetric or humidity and temperature instruments used in hospitals, research centers, companies and supermarkets are calibrated; the test machines, hoppers and industrial balances that guarantee safety in constructions such as buildings, bridges, the Panama Metro, expansion of the Canal, national ports and airports, cement industry, livestock, sugar cane and many more are calibrated; the masses and balances used by ACODECO, MIDA, MINSA, IMELCF and other regulatory authorities, clinical laboratories and private companies in general are calibrated to ensure the reliability of measurements of medicines and products offered to the consumers.

All this chain of reliable measurements is based on the human team and National Measurement Standards maintained by CENAMEP AIP that have allowed Panama to obtain international recognition in these 15 years of scientific and metrological work in 41 Capacities of Measurement and Calibration (CMC) in different measurement services. Information consolidated by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM).

However, the country still needs to establish better metrological control in important sectors such as food, health, environment, climate, transportation and many others. This will only be achieved with a greater metrological development and achieving order of Legal Metrology and Chemical Metrology, areas that were part of 9 new laboratories that were also planned but due to lack of budget could not be built. Culminating this second stage of the building is vital for the country.

The CENAMEP AIP open door initiative seeks to link metrology to society through guided visits to the laboratory, with a brief explanation of the methods and instruments of measurement and their importance, in order to encourage the visitors' encounter with the science of metrology. The event began at the Holiday Inn Hotel in City of Knowledge, with a conference on "The Importance of Metrology in Medical Devices", which was attended by more than 40 metrologists from all over the continent and national and international guests who presented examples of the metrological controls that have been achieved in the field of health in countries like Argentina, Mexico and Peru, as well as in Panama. Then, at the end of the event, the participants walked to the new CENAMEP AIP building at City of Knowledge, where they held the opening session and a tour of the laboratories.