BIZFIT 2017 will unite different industries around Innovation and Technology in Panama

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With the objective of democratizing knowledge in innovation and technology, and providing tools to encourage more professionals, managers, small and medium enterprises to make a positive change in the country, the Panamanian Chamber of Information Technology, Innovation and Telecommunications (CAPATEC) with the City of Knowledge Foundation announced the ninth edition of the event "BIZFIT Panama 2017 - Meeting of Innovation and Business". The same will take place on Thursday, October 5, 2017 at the Sheraton Convention Center Hotel Panama.

"This year BIZFIT brings a renewed agenda focused on 5 thematic sessions on: corporate governance, intelligent mobility, customer experience, e-commerce and architecture. We are pleased to have the best local and international experts from the best universities such as Stanford, Carnegie Mellon University, among others. Likewise, we will have representatives from the City of Knowledge Innovation Center and Panamanian urbanists," said Jaime Blanco, president of the BIZFIT Panama 2017 Organizing Committee.

The event will feature a keynote speech presented by VISA by renowned lecturer and bestseller author Scott Berkun, who will present his book "The Myths of Innovation", which analyzes the misconceptions about innovation and how to learn from them. Berkun was part of the Microsoft team that developed Internet Explorer between 1994 and 1999. After his departure from the technology giant, he decided to dedicate himself to educating and promoting innovation and management issues appearing in such media as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, The Economist, among others.

Five free sessions

As part of the celebration of the 9 years of this event, BIZFIT will have 5 free sessions aimed at young university students, professors and professionals from the public and private industry who want to know more about innovation and technology.

Those interested can register through the website and can choose the topic of their interest. From early on we will have an e-commerce session entitled "How e-commerce is transforming the finances of the fashion, luxury and retail industries." This session will be given by Carlos Terreni, director of NetComm Suisse, company that has transformed businesses in the fashion industry.

From Stanford University, Professor Evan Epstein, executive director of the Rock Center for Corporate Governance, will visit Panama. The specialist will discuss "Corporate Governance in Silicon Valley: Ideas for Latin America."

For Panama, the outstanding architect Ignacio Mallol Jr. will speak on "Technology and Digital Innovation in Architecture." Likewise, the agenda includes a session of strategies for the generation of experiences and interaction on the part of the clients. The Spanish specialist Carlos Molina, from IZO Corporate, will be in charge of the session entitled "Leading Experience: The Future of Customer Experience". Finally, Excel Automotriz will talk about "Intelligent Mobility" with the special presentation of Rodrigo Centeno, Marketing Director of NISSAN LATAM.

BIZFIT is organized by CAPATEC with the support of the City of Knowledge Foundation, AMPYME, SENACYT, Mayor of Panama, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, National Authority for Government Innovation and PROINVEX Panama.

Last year, the technology and innovation event attracted more than 1,200 people. This year it invites young university students, professors and professionals from the public and private industry who want to learn more about innovation and technology.