Acceleration week begins at the CdS Innovation Center

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The finalist projects selected by the H2O Challenge initiative - which seeks powerful and viable solutions to the current and future problems of water management - started their acceleration week on Wednesday, February 8 at the City of Knowledge Innovation Center.

All selected projects - Aquaseca, Liqwiz, Waterlogies, Folia Water, Fred, Iqbika, Aquacero, Yaqua, Omniprocessor, Solea Water and Ysyry - will undergo a one-week acceleration process at the City of Knowledge Innovation Center, where they will have the opportunity to validate their business models, get to know the customer and the market. In addition, they will be provided with the tools and mechanisms to support their idea, with the help of leading speakers to improve their business models.

The activity began with welcoming words from the Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation, Jorge Arosemena, who recalled that all finalists are seeking new answers on the issue of water and that is why they have developed projects with a lot of potential for the benefit of humanity.

For his part Manuel Lorenzo, Director of the Innovation Center, explained that for a startup to be successful it needs an ecosystem where a lot of entrepreneurs can come together and turn their ideas into a reality. Meanwhile Juan José Güemes, President of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at IE Business School, Spain, told all entrepreneurs to enjoy the City of Knowledge, a place full of entrepreneurs and magnificent ideas.

All initiatives are focused on technology, monitoring, filters, water meters, sensors, facilitating access to water, or purification, offering different approaches to solve a problem that affects more than ten million people in the world.

This acceleration week prepares the H2O Challenge finalists for Global Demo Day, to be held on February 17 at the City of Knowledge Convention Center, where there will be investors representing the water sector and entrepreneurship. Each entrepreneur will have ten minutes to present its project and "capture the attention of investors". At the culmination of the event, we will jointly reaffirm the commitment to find viable solutions and turn them into opportunities to improve the quality of life of people.