Grand Final of RoboCup Junior Panama

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The final of the RoboCup Junior Panama took place on April 6 and 7 at the City of Knowledge Convention Center with the participation of 20 teams of young people from all over the country, who passed the regional competitions.

Young people had the opportunity to demonstrate their robotics and programming skills with the hope of representing Panama in the next international RoboCup competition in Montreal, Canada, in June 2018.

The event began with words by the Executive President of the City of Knowledge Foundation, Jorge Arosemena, who stressed that "we are glad that this year the competition is back at home: City of Knowledge. This competition is very special because it is one of the best ways to train students. Everyone who is participating today has already won, because they are here in an extraordinary competition that represents the best of our country."

For his part Jorge Motta, National Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation, expressed that "for five years many young Panamanians have had the opportunity to put into practice their gifts of ingenuity and creativity in order to represent Panama in the Grand Final of the RoboCup competition. The competition has allowed many young people, amazed by robotics, to find their true vocation."

This year, the RoboCup Junior brought as a novelty a new challenge called NAO, aimed at university students. It is the first football event "Tiro al Penal". In this challenge, robots played football in a completely autonomous way.

The competition also had, as in previous years, On Stage and Rescue Line modalities.

In the On Stage modality, teams created an artistic and robotic presentation on stage while the members of the jury evaluated the complexity of the robots, their programming and the technical implementation of the presentation.

In the Rescue Line modality, the robot had to be strong and intelligent enough to navigate through multiple obstacles such as hills and uneven ground. This challenge had the purpose of finding and transferring the victim to the evacuation point.