EcoStudio Fab Lab chosen by MEDUCA as inspirational project

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EcoStudio Fab Lab, based at the City of Knowledge, has been selected by MEDUCA as an inspiring example of a project to expose to its leaders and directors of educational centers as part of their "First Leader Encounter of Extended School Days for All."

Close to 30 school directors and distinguished coordinators of educational centers visited their facilities at CdS to get to learn about their projects and enjoy a different, innovative and successful training proposal.

Visitors heard director Matthew Hotsko describe how he decided to create an NGO to create a training space to work with wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, glass, etc., called EcoStudio, where people could receive workshops and learn to work with their hands.

"In this space we receive school students, people with different capacities, senior citizens, who come here to work with the tools we have, either through a workshop or on their own," added Hotsko.

Fab Lab Mobile

The director of Fab Lab Veritas of the Veritas University in Costa Rica has just finished building the first Fab Lab Mobile in Central America, which promotes social innovation in sensitive populations with little access to manufacturing technology. From Costa Rica, they have formed a Fab Lab Mobile network in Central America to support and share the plans for the project to replicate in the region.

The Fab Lab located at Ciudad del Saber has joined the network to build and activate a Fab Lab Mobile in Panama, to reach communities that do not have access to these resources. In this sense, the company BOSCH has shown interest in sponsoring the Fab Lab Mobile project, among other activities, and are working on an alliance proposal.