Innovation: From the idea to success

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Date: Thursday, February 9, 2017

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Location: City of Knowledge Convention Center, Bldg. 184


Free of charge activity, limited space

The City of Knowledge Foundation and IESA invite you to the first conference of their 2017 cycle with the theme: Innovation: From the idea to success, to be held on Thursday, February 9 at the City of Knowledge Convention Center. The conference will be given by Francisco Pecorella, an innovation expert, lecturer and author of the book "Innovation: From the idea to success".

Every day we ask ourselves how can we be more innovative in this era of so many changes? In all organizations, CEOs ask their collaborators to be more innovative. More and more, primary, secondary and university students dream of undertaking and developing ideas that can change the world. But the question for all of them is: How do we do it? It is believed that innovation is something mysterious, empirical and that it is a gift that has been given to a few. The reality is that it can be seen as a process within our lives and within organizations. That is why we will share strategies that help us unlearn and transform your ideas into reality.